Help on payroll taxes

Federal payroll taxes include federal income tax, Medicare tax, Social Security tax and federal unemployment tax. The state payroll taxes vary by state, but generally include state income tax and state unemployment tax, and in some cases, apply local and city taxes, state disability insurance and job training tax. Employers and employees should use the resources to ensure compliance.

Federal assistance

The Internal Revenue Service oversees federal payroll tax regulations. IRS Circular E is the Employer’s Tax Guide, containing a valuable tax withholding, payment and tax information from the tax return. The annual IRS sends each employer who has a history. The IRS website also has comprehensive employment tax information, such as payroll module showing the purpose of each of the withholding tax processes; withholding calculator that employee can use to properly adjust federal income tax withholding and tax forms, including Publication 1494, which are used for calculating wage rates IRS. In addition, the IRS has dedicated phone lines for both the employer and the employee.

State aid

The revenue agency / manage state tax withholding guidelines state income taxes. The employer may obtain withholding, payment and tax guidelines filling the website of the agency. The names of state revenue agencies vary, as the Arizona Department of Revenue, the Department of Taxation Ohio and Oklahoma Tax Commission. A separate division handles the state unemployment tax, as the Unemployment Insurance Agency of Michigan and Georgia Department of Labor. If local and city taxes are applied, the revenue agency of the State may include withholding instructions on your website, or different agencies can manage these taxes. If unsure, ask the employer can instruct the agency state revenues. Taxes for job training vary by state, for example, the Department of Economic Security and the Employment Development Department of California Arizona oversee job training tax state.


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