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5 keys to sell a floor faster

We know that selling a property can be a crazy process. Months and months without being able to sell. The economic crisis, the prices of exorbitant floors, and the doubts of the buyer … everything affects when selling a flat. Although it seems that the process will never end, do not be discouraged. Next, we give you a series of tips so that the sale of your property is made as soon as possible. Follow them step by step and get a sale in less than 3 months!

A good valuation of housing is key.

Sometimes one of the biggest problems selling a flat is the price. Therefore, it is highly recommended to spend time analyzing the market and see how the houses that are around are located. To start from the price that marks the market is necessary to make an assessment. The assessment will analyze the area, the m2 of the house and the offer that there is to establish a reasonable price.

Keep in mind that, if your apartment or house is priced above the market, it will be much more difficult to sell, since buyers analyze the market to compare offers.

Sometimes this process can be somewhat frustrating, since we find situations where the price is lower than the owner wants. Not in vain, you will ensure a quick sale.

Make improvements in the property

The first impression counts, and a lot. The fact that the house is perfectly arranged is a very important factor so that the sale is made quickly. If a client is going to pay a visit and he finds himself with broken roofs, dampness, doors in poor condition … he will most likely prefer to keep looking. Therefore, investing in remodeling your home can be a good asset to sell it.

A correct marketing plan

With this we refer to several factors: the realization of photos and video, the diffusion, the text of the description … All the factors count.

Can you imagine buying a home without having seen it? No, right? The photos and videos are decisive. When we want to change our home we look for perfection and that everything we are looking for is inside the property. We will only know this by looking at the photos and videos

The best thing is that all the multimedia material is done by a professional, since the quality will make the clients pay more attention to the property.

Sell ​​floor

In addition, the text that must appear must be as complete as possible, so that subsequent visits are not disappointing.

24 hour advice

In addition to everything mentioned, it is also very important that the seller has at his disposal a series of advisors available 24 hours a day to solve any problem.

Finally, another recommendation is that you listen to potential buyers. Many of them will need a mortgage to pay for the property, so keep in mind that perhaps you should ask for an appraisal to help the interested party with their bank.

Reasons why you should have a real estate agent when you go to buy a house!

Do you think that not having an agent saves you money? Do you think that you do not need an agent that you can do it yourself? Read the 6 reasons that can change your opinion.

If you are thinking of buying a house, you suddenly wonder if you need a real estate agent. There are a lot of resources for a buyer these days, such as online search sites to how to buy house guides. But an agent has something that no buyer has – particularly a buyer for the first time – a great experience. An agent will work as a lawyer on your behalf and, in most cases, will get you a better deal than you could have.

The agents have local experience

Real estate agents have knowledge of the property mechanism. For example you can know how to paint a house but who has more knowledge of painting a house you or a painter who does that professionally? You probably do not know exactly how the market is at this moment in your area. If the houses are generally selling at 97 percent of the sale price? If you can wait to compete against multiple offers? Do you know what it takes to win against other buyers? Do you know if you want a one-story house with three rooms and more than one acre, what should you expect to pay? Do you know how the inventory of houses is? Your agent will be able to advise you on these issues. The best way to get an accepted offer at a price that is in your favor is to know the market intimately – and a local real estate agent has this knowledge.

Access to houses

Without a representative, it will be difficult to enter a house. Sellers are happy to let an agent have the code to their safe deposit box to show their house. However, they are not willing to allow a total stranger to have access if authorized to their home. This means that you will have to visit the property when the vendor or agent of the vendor is available, making the house visits take a long time to schedule and more difficult.

Because of this, most people who do not use an agent visit most of the house only when they do open houses, when the house is open where anyone can visit the house, without an appointment. This puts you against strong competition since you are probably not going to be the first person to see this home (a big problem in a tight market like today). In addition to that, the host agent of the open house represents the seller. Any question you have for them about the house will produce answers that have the seller’s best interest at heart, not yours. When you visit a home with your agent, you not only have access and privacy, but you also have an advocate whose fiduciary duty is to take care of your interests.


With an agent, you will have an experienced advocate and a good negotiator. Buying a house is an emotional process. For many people, it is the biggest investment of their life and is often made in other important life changes, such as an expanding family or work relocation. Stress and strong emotions can cloud your decisions – which can cause you to make a decision that you later regret.

The agents, are fixed in a transaction with a more experienced, more rational eye. They can help you understand your options, and serve as a balance against making a hasty decision.

Access to a community of real estate services professionals.

In the course of your transaction, you probably have a lender, an inspector and a real estate attorney. Clients often ask for a personal recommendation, for someone whose personality and style matches theirs. An agent who has worked with many real estate services professionals throughout his career, it is easy for them to find a good fit. But without that knowledge, finding the right provider can be a challenge. Similarly, customers have questions about remodeling for the home. An experienced agent will have recommendations for operators, plumbers, painters, and general contractors – basically, any type of service that needed to fix their new home.

There are no additional costs

Having an agent on the side of the purchase is completely free. People have an idea that they will save money by not using an agent to buy a house. This is not exact. All the commission on the purchase of housing is paid by the seller of the house to the agents (agent of the seller and agent of the buyer).

It is tempting to think that if the seller does not use an agent, your share of the commission may go in your pocket, but this is usually not the case. The commission rate is agreed through a contract before the offer is made, even before the house is on sale.

If you choose not to have legal representation of an agent, then the entire commission for the seller’s agent is paid. The listing agent would have to agree to modify your contract so that you receive part of the commission but this is not very common and unlikely.

How to find the right Agent for you?

Finding a good agent is important. Ultimately, you will want an agent who is well informed, dedicated and has no conflict of interest.

Tips that help you sell your property

  1. Before you actually put your house on sale, it is wise to view your house objectively. Go outside and see your house as if you were seeing it for the first time: what could be better? Then go inside and view your house room by room. Make a note of the possible improvements per room. It is not a bad idea to have this done by a friend; perhaps you have become so fuzzy with your house that certain defects no longer stand out.
  2. The first impression counts. Even before the potential buyer enters your home, he or she has already formed an opinion about your home. Is the front door nicely painted? Is your garden cared for? A nice container with plants soon gives a positive impression. Put the garbage bin out of sight.
  3. Now that you are going to sell your house, it is high time to do those little jobs that you have always postponed. Paint spills, work peeling walls, replace bare pears with clean lamps, hang a fresh new shower curtain.
  4. Sometimes it pays to invest in a refurbishment in which the most important defects of your home are tackled. For example, an investment of 500 euros can sometimes mean a difference of 5000 euros in sales price. But first consult with your broker or a revamp to significantly increase the value of your home.
  5. There is nothing that pays off as quickly as a paint job. You show your house at its best when all the walls are evenly painted. Use light, natural colors. Accents can be applied with brightly colored cushions or other colored home accessories.
  6. Does your kitchen block not look very nice anymore? An easy, inexpensive procedure is possibly to replace the kitchen cabinet doors or by giving them a new color. With the accompanying primer this can be done without problem and very easily. If you also install beautiful details such as designer door handles and handles, your kitchen will look as new again!
  7. Bathrooms sell houses, so let them shine. Check and repair unsightly joints along the bath and in the shower. For extra allure, show your best towels and shower curtains. A flower can do wonders.
  8. If you have a garage, make sure it is clean and empty. Put the car outside for a moment. You can even borrow an attractive car and park it in front of the door … That too is taken care of!
  9. Do not give the impression that you have already bought a house. Do not put stacks of moving boxes in the house. Have you already moved? An empty house makes it difficult for potential customers to get a good idea of ​​the size of the rooms. Leave some furniture behind in your old house and let the curtains hang.
  10. Make sure your house is clean and tidy! A clean and tidy house is much more attractive to potential buyers than a messy house.
  11. Let it smell good in your home: for example to baked bread or to a freshly baked apple pie. Air your house. Put a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers on the table. A fruit bowl (with citrus fruits) makes it fresh. Brighten your furniture with wax.
  12. If your home is visited, do lighting in a few strategic places. This increases the atmosphere even during the day. And: make sure that the rooms have a comfortable temperature, even if you are not there yourself.
  13. If possible, make sure that you and your housemates are not at home during a viewing. If you have a dog or other pet, take it for a long walk.

Five common mistake when decorating an apartment

There are quite a few people who make mistakes when decorating their apartment. Mistakes that the apartment does not look optimal – or even worse: that spoil the interior completely. These 5 mistakes are made very often and they make setting up an apartment a lot harder.

Too big furniture

In an apartment usually not as much furniture as in a house. It is therefore not realistic to press in the same size of furniture. Often it is much nicer to opt for a cozy two-seat instead of a wide three-sweater sofa. This also applies to the coffee table, which is often too dominant. Have you ever considered replacing the coffee table for side tables? They are not only smaller and more elegant, but also super hip as a coffee table!

Too much furniture

Adjacent to the problem of too large furniture: many people try to cram too much furniture into their apartment. In this case, the rule ‘less is more’ applies. By using less furniture, the apartment appears to be more spacious and lighter. Very nice for the atmosphere! Look critically again if you really need all those cabinets. Is it not more practical to put the contents in the storage room or simply to dispose of them?

Too bright colors

A little color is nice of course. But that does not apply if you exaggerate. Even in a retro apartment you have to be careful with too many bright colors. This gives an overwhelming effect, it makes you uneasy and it makes the space appear smaller. Do not choose for bright colors. If you want a bright color, choose a light color as the basis and choose one bright main color for the bright accents.

Too many accessories

You love accessories. So there are sheepskins everywhere, there are dishes with candles and you have beautiful shells draped on your cupboards. Very nice and beautiful, but here too it is fast prevailing. So choose your accessories in moderation! It is also super fun to change your accessories every month, so that you always get a different atmosphere. Store the accessories that you do not need in your storage room or in any other place where they do not stand in the way.

Too little use of your space

This sounds pretty weird, does not it? You do not have much space in an apartment anyway? Yes, but there is a pitfall in that. You can use your space very efficiently! There are all kinds of fun and practical ideas for organizing small rooms. A lot of space is simply overlooked, while it can provide a lot of ease of use. How about a kitchen table that you can fold up against the wall?

Your apartment is not that difficult to set up, but you have to think carefully about the items that you bring in your home. So it can be advantageous to get some inspiration first and to think about which furniture you want in the house. Maybe that huge TV or that long bright orange lounge sofa is a bit too crazy in your modest apartment?

How to sell your apartment online in 6 steps

When you plan to sell your apartment, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is do I sell it as a private person or with an agency? More and more people are opting for the first option, especially for the high fees that must be paid if they sell with an agency. If you also want to sell your house as private, here are 6 steps to sell your apartment online.

Go to the market with an attractive price

Before publishing your sales announcement, you must make sure that the price you ask is in line with the reality of the market and what buyers are willing to pay. To define a correct price you must take into account several factors such as location, the state of the home or the market situation in your area. You can start with a free appraisal of the price of your home here.

Take time to take good pictures

With more than 90% of buyers looking for their next home online, it seems obvious the need to take care of the quality and professionalism of the photos. An attractive advertisement with professional photographs, plans and more information about your home will attract buyers to ask to visit. Remember that although a Smartphone takes high-resolution photographs, a professional report makes the difference.

Consider featured ads

One of the first steps to put your house in the market is to publish it in the main real estate portals such as Idealist or Fotocasa. However, it is not enough to publish your ad since in a short time you will be relegated to the last positions of the list and will not stand out among so much competition and real estate ads. Investing some money in prominently advertising your property can become a very good investment.

Carefully review the details of your ad

Add all the features, dimensions, number of rooms and extras of your flat. Write a detailed description but attractive and easy to read. It must be convincing and encourage the prospective buyer to visit your flat.

Prepare your home for each visit

Although it seems obvious, keeping your home tidy and clean when visited by potential buyers creates an atmosphere of comfort and confidence that will help them make the final decision. In addition, fix defects, give a coat of paint or improve the layout of the rooms and the decoration adds points.

Have the documentation prepared

The process of buying and selling a house requires a series of documents and certificates that you should review and take into account, such as the energy efficiency certificate. Also, if you decide to sign a contract of sale with a pact with the buyer you must ensure that everything is in order, if you are not sure about the procedure and the legal aspects you can ask for help from a lawyer.

Private or digital real estate?

If you sell your apartment with a real estate agent you will have support and help during the whole sale process, but in exchange you will have to pay a commission of 3 or 5% on the sale price. While if you decide to sell it as a private person you will have to dedicate time and resources, and you may have many doubts.

Real estate an excellent business

Real estate investments have many advantages and benefits, from which you can take advantage.

To start you have to know that you can get involved as an investor, broker, builder or developer; each of these will be present at some point in the business. The investor is the one who gives the initial capital, the builder is the one who puts hands to the work after the developer makes the strategic planning and the broker is the one who has direct contact with the market.

The interest of each of them is based on an ultimate goal: to sell or rent the property in which it has been invested. Although of course, we must understand that it is a complete orientation to the sales, rent or negotiation of real estate whether it refers to houses, apartments, land or commercial properties (ranging from commercial premises to industrial buildings).

Why are they profitable businesses?

The obvious question is how to make money with real estate because although we are accustomed to want to see the fruits of our work immediately, we must be aware that in this industry it is a long-term investment, based on good measured in the value that the property acquires over time.

This industry is a dynamic sector in which properties tend to increase in value over time. Assets are hard to depreciate and its value is much more likely to increase as it decreases; it is also a low risk investment for which you do not require much technical knowledge.

The gains are measured with different financial instruments and considering different factors. Not only is the value of the property in the area at the moment but also because of the projects that are held for the place in the future, which will increase its surplus value.

We must be attentive to this, because they can generate large returns on investment beyond the monthly rents since you can generate more value in the property by making improvements, for example, or waiting for the area to be trendy and take advantage of the fact that offer is on the rise to sell.

So that it is a profitable business you have to make sure of the location of the properties, as well as the characteristics that you have in your favor and exploit them to the maximum. Consider that according to the specialists you can expect a return of up to 30% per year.

Time to sell your property

The decision to sell the house where you may have lived for decades does not take you from one day to the next. You may have been playing with the idea of ​​selling your house or apartment for several years, but you are waiting … consciously or unconsciously for a signal that the time is right. Which signal that is will depend on your personal situation and the real estate market? These are the most common signs that homeowners give to take the step to selling their property.

You need more space in your home

There are several reasons why a house is no longer large enough for you and your family. Family expansion is of course the most common reason, many owners also sell their home when they start an independent activity, for example. The exercise of this activity will depend on the professional space that one needs. Just think of, for example, a desk, atelier, warehouse or warehouse. Many homeowners are looking to buy a home taking into account the extra professional space they need.

A feeling that there is too much space

The opposite argument is often given as a reason to move. After adult children have left the house, there is often too much room left for the parents. A house with three bedrooms of which only one is actually used not only requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning, it also ensures unnecessarily high energy bills. In that case a move to a smaller home can be the appropriate solution.

The neighborhood is no longer what it was

The atmosphere in a village, neighborhood or district can sometimes change quickly. Over the years, the cozy, popular neighborhood in which you lived can turn into a chic entertainment district or can change the traffic situation in such a way that you suffer much more from traffic jams or other forms of traffic disruption. In the meantime you may have switched jobs, so that this convenient connection with the train station would now be better replaced by a good connection with the highway.

The contact with your neighbors may also not be optimal. If you live a large part of your life in a certain neighborhood, you will see many people coming and going. The new neighbors may be slightly less spontaneous, so it does not always click well. Finally, families also sometimes move closer to being a good school for the children. These different signals can be the decisive factor to decide to sell your house and find a new place. As a tip we also like to say that it is always advisable to understand the new neighborhood where you want to live. Your estate agent is a recognized expert who specializes in the environment and can advise and assist you in finding your ideal home.

There is no point or budget for renovation work

Not everyone likes renovations. Yet it is sometimes necessary to protect an aging home in value to carry out important renovations. New insulation, a new roof, floors, bathroom or kitchen … these are all big investments. Moreover, these investments do not always return themselves to a sale. This way you can renovate your bathroom, but if that renovation does not appeal to the buyer, he or she will not be prepared to pay an extra price for this.

If major renovations are necessary and you do not have the time and energy for this yourself, it may be a good idea to sell the property in its current state. Young couples who want to buy their first home are often looking for a property with a reduced price tag where they can carry out the renovations themselves. It is recommended that you be advised by an expert in this area. Some real estate agents have expertise in creating added value for your home, with a limited budget before you buy the property on the market.

The current housing market is simply very favorable

In an attractive housing market, many owners are tempted to sell their homes before the prices could possibly fall back. This is a logical argument if you do not have to look for another property yourself after the sale. Otherwise, you will become a buyer in a market with high prices, so that the possible profit from a sale is often canceled out again. In addition, there can be many other signals that make the market favorable to try and sell, such as the low interest rate or you live in a very popular environment where not many homes are for sale or for rent.

Ten tips to sell your apartment quickly

Good weather arrives, and with it, infidelities. The experts advise to advance your divorce and now put your apartment for sale. If it is done in a staggered way, you can all get a good price for your love nest (at the moment). We offer you a series of tips to make this process easier.

  1. Master the art of euphemism. Do not say “the neighbors are noisy”. Say “the neighborhood has a lot of vitality”. Do not say “there is a plague of cockroaches”. Say it’s an “ecofriendly” floor.
  2. The trick of the couple interested. It’s a classic but it still works: hurry the potential buyer by saying that “there is an interested couple”. We recommend a trick to multiply its effects. Enter the
  3. Facebook of prospective buyers and look for the photo album. Locate the man and woman who have aged the best (the least bald, the thinnest …). Make a photomontage of both walking on the beach and show the result to potential buyers. The hatred towards these people will make them stay with your flat.
  4. Use social networks and reach the hearts of those interested. Create a Facebook profile of your apartment.
  5. Add extras. Be generous with those interested in buying and offer something that is not expected. For example, the classic trick of the mysterious box. At the time they are evaluating if they buy the house, take out a box with drawn questions and tell them that the box is included in the price. You will not be able to resist curiosity.
  6. Study the competition. Do not forget to visit other apartments for sale in your area. The less offer there is in the area, the more possibilities to sell your apartment. Remove those things that can scare visitors. You know.
  7. Be the perfect host. Receive visitors with a snack. There are little tricks that, in some way, influence the final decision. A good advice is to light up all the rooms, or offer homemade croquettes.

Tips for first-time real estate buyers

If you have finally decided to buy an apartment or house as part of a personal investment project, it is an important decision that requires planning. Whether you are thinking about starting a new stage of your life or looking for a business opportunity to generate profitability, you need good advice.

The real estate market has its particularities, so it is vital to handle some basic notions to find what you are looking for. In order to better guide you if you do not have experience in this type of transactions, we will review key keys that can help you make an appropriate choice.

Buy in white, green or by immediate delivery

Depending on the risk you want to assume and your availability of funds, you have these 3 options when purchasing a new home. In the first option the project is established but construction has not started. The next stage represents the work in process with a higher price (4 to 6%). In the last phase everything is ready to sign.

Each one presents its possibilities, risks and costs, so you need to establish your priorities. The blank delivery takes about 2 years because there is a guarantee of compliance and generates more goodwill. The other cases require more outlay, but the difference is that you can see what the property looks like and the delivery is faster.

The less you have to pay for the property, this allows you to save a little more to meet the quota of the foot, which is around 20% of the total cost. In addition, for blank works you have the opportunity to have a term greater than 24 months to pay that amount and the ease of mortgage credit.

Location, comparison and properties used

An important part of the process of selecting a home has to do with its location, which indicates its short and long-term surplus value. The ideal is to choose an area with good transport, green areas, connection, shopping centers, and schools and near work. This guarantees the comfort that is required and the revaluation of the house or apartment.

Also, depending on the budget you have the opportunity to review the different options available. For this, you can hire a real estate broker or agent of trust, search the internet and walk through the most profitable areas. It is a process that deserves excellent advice, time and dedication.

Another important option related to the above, has to do with the sale of used properties. For this particular case, we recommend a technical inspection service, a good appraisal to know the real value of the market and personalized attention that already has a portfolio of clients with available properties.

Take into account the regulations, documents and legal procedures

During the process to buy a house or apartment you have to manage a considerable amount of paperwork to achieve the final goal. In principle, it includes aspects such as the reservation, the promise of sale, insurance policy, credit or mortgage subsidy, writing and specifications. This also includes fines, obligations, guarantees, certifications and more.

This does not mean that it is a complex process, but rather that it requires an adequate organization to fully comply with all the steps. In the case of new housing, the goal is to obtain the officialization of these documents through the final municipal receipt granted by the Municipal Works Directorate.

Once again, if you think about buying a house to invest or occupy, you have to be soaked about the different stages of this procedure. As we have clarified previously, although it is not necessary to be an expert to comply with the required requirements, the timely consultancy is there to give you the tools you need.

Buying a home or apartment for the first time can be a challenge when you do not have the right information and preparation. The real estate market has a dynamic that varies depending on demand, governments and economic variables, so you must constantly adjust to changes in procedures and its legal framework.

Tips for real estate marketing

Little is known about this branch of marketing, but there is much talk of buying, renting or selling a house, an office or even a building. Focused on satisfying the demands of construction companies and companies in the sector, real estate marketing seeks, above all, to land the great ideas to facilitate a direct and satisfactory deal between the parties involved, while transmitting confidence.

The experts in the field explain their keys to achieve success in the sector and engage with a target sui generis and very specific.

The marketer has to enter into a sales process, analyze the elements that a buyer looks for and what he needs to motivate a purchase, but, above all, he must understand the circle of ethics surrounding the purchase of a property, which, in essence, it becomes a heritage of life.

And is that this segment is very susceptible to fraud and abuse of trust, so it is essential to create a serious, responsible and professional work ethic circle, so that the confidence of your customers is what speaks of your work. It’s about selling a possible dream that will not become a headache for your life.

Keys to a real estate marketing strategy

It offers practical and real solutions. Because many times the real estate companies do not know the client, the area of ​​opportunity for him to know how to communicate with people is latent and always attractive.

It offers a business project. Although it is about selling, the real estate marketing seeks to create a partnership with your clients, in such a way that they see all the potential that you can get from a property; Offer the added value you need and what you are looking for.

Design your own strategies. In such a competitive sector, it is essential to generate and develop your own ideas, so that you are a pioneer in your field.

In addition, market research, focus groups and telephone surveys will be very useful to know your potential niches and know what kind of strategies you will put together based on their own insights.

Digital market. Although it sounds strange, it is also possible to market real estate online, in such a way that positioning your services on the Internet is essential in a segment where not everyone has entered fully; exploits these tools.

Because many niches seek to acquire a house or a property of their own, the market is very large, which is why strategy, segmentation and public relations become the main planning tools.