Three useful keys to sell a house in less time

New Year New Life. And maybe a new house too. With 2019, another stage begins and many families will want to face it by giving an opportunity to a home that fits more with the characteristics and features with which they have always dreamed.

Once this option has been decided, the search for real estate begins (as satisfactory as it is stressful), and those that are best presented are always more likely to be visited and subsequently purchased. But what is it that a house should have to attract the attention of future owners?

Set the house to be cozy. When it comes to selling a house, it is convenient to keep it clean, free of obstacles (boxes, furniture and everything that reveals data from the former owners) and with some decorative elements that are attractive to potential buyers, such as well-kept plants and flowers, as well as lamps that provide clear light and that help illuminate the rooms.

It is also important to carry out all repairs -great and small- that may mislead the buyer and make him think that the house is not equipped to live in it (faucets that leak, badly painted rooms, built-in closets that close or moisture), as well as keep up with community payments, taxes, registration and withdrawal of invoices …

Advertise housing on the internet and in mobile applications. The most common, especially in younger families, is to start tracking the real estate market through the internet. That is why it is very important to upload to any of the available portals of the property, taking care first of all the quality of the photos.

You already know that a picture is worth a thousand words … In addition, we must not lose sight of the mobile applications created to buy, sell and rent homes, as they allow you to check the latest updates and be constantly aware of possible changes.

Appraising housing with justice is essential. When selling a house, the first thing you think about is the price at which it was bought, but, unfortunately for many, it is not the only parameter that must be taken into account to fix the current price.

It is more important to look at the square meters of the set and those of each room, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, because they are some of the aspects that have more weight when making a decision. It is also important to look at the neighborhood in which the dwelling is located, since the services it offers always have an added value.

Tips to sell your home without losing money

There is no doubt, now is the time to acquire homes. The cycle of the economy begins to reverse the situation of immobility that has reigned, during the years of the crisis and, as you will observe, in the latest buying and selling trends, the real estate market starts to shake. Bank spreads are in tatters and the price of money too. Although the credit starts to flow too timidly, for those interested in buying a new house or who wish with all their might to get rid of a property without losing money, here is a list of tips. Adapt them to your current needs, but think that, in the future, your papers can be exchanged. Whether you are a buyer or want to sell your home, they will help you.

Wait until prices rise and the economy improves

If you can. The urgency to sell and to obtain economic liquidity causes, in many families, the loss of patrimony and purchasing power. You need to sell urgently and the only way is to lower the price and lose money. A pity, but it’s like that.

Your house has not been revalued. Quite the opposite. There is no formula, unless a stroke of luck comes from a rare buyer who falls in love with your home and wants it at whatever price, to take money out of that investment.

If you are one of those who can wait to sell, until the economy stabilizes and prices increase again, take advantage. Surely one of the reasons why you decided to buy brick was to consider it a safe value. We do not guarantee that you will recover the price for which you acquired it, but, at least, you will avoid a debacle.

If, on the other hand, you move and you can also wait for the price recovery: rent your home and get it performance. Your house will always be there and, while, you can go taking advantage of your investment, until buyers appear ready to satisfy your sale prices.

Put the sale in the hands of specialized agents

They, better than anyone, know the state of the market, at present. Especially, in the face of the fierce competition that exists on the part of banking entities that, in times of crisis, have had to dedicate themselves body and soul to this sector, to give out their assets, for non-payment of mortgages.

Attentive to the differentials of your mortgage

The same report indicates that mortgages, in our country, rose by 3.1% and the average credit that is provided is around 92,000 dollars. With the Euribor still falling and approaching 0, the money is, officially and practically, given away. It is the banks that fix the shares of their profitability through these spreads. Take accounts and increase the price of output. You must sell your home from that price, so as not to lose money. Have you amortized part of your mortgage? Do they penalize you?

Make sure your home will be salable

Look at the following guidelines, at the time of purchase:

Without a lift: homes that require climbing stairs are usually not revalued (although it also depends on the area and the uses that they want to give). But, generally, the people who buy a thing do it thinking about the idea that, probably, they retire there.

Very damaged farm, outskirts and without services within reach (schools, supermarkets, hospitals, parks, public transport …).

Dimly lit interiors: buyers tend to flee from this type of housing. They prefer houses that are well oriented towards natural light.

Take into account all these factors and give your savings a good start!

Tips to sell your house faster

If you are determined to sell your property and want to do it as soon as possible, because you need the money or want to end the process soon, there are some tricks that can serve to draw more attention to those who seek.

Making your property more attractive to put it for sale or even for rent is very simple. Look at the tips below.


Keep your house tidy and clean for when interested parties visit. If you are still living in it try to make it look like a pilot house, the order and the decoration can make the difference in the final decision of a possible buyer. An orderly house better appreciates spaces. If the home is empty, cleaning is essential, the carpet or flooring of wood should look as new as possible.


Try to be as flexible as possible when showing ownership. These days’ people have very little time to look for a new home and it is important, and it is often a decisive factor that the owner is willing to receive the interested party at different times than planned. A good idea may be to be available on the weekend.


If the hurry to sell the property is urgent, it is best left in the hands of professionals who will have greater ability to spread and manage the housing within their client portfolio.


The greater the amount of information delivered on portals and ads the more they will be interested in the property, and will be genuine. Only people who with all that information will still want to buy the home will be approached. It is important to add the dimensions, exact location, services that counts in case of being a condominium or building, number of rooms and bathrooms, cellar or parking, etc.

Tips to sell your house faster

Do you want to sell your house quickly? That will depend on many factors. A good marketing strategy, an effective real estate agent, a good price and the one that your house enamored to future buyers is important. The latter may depend on you. Some ideas to achieve this are:

Captivate at first sight

  • Proper painting. Exterior painting is expensive. If it is in bad condition and you cannot paint it, remove at least the stains that have the walls and clean them. Sometimes this just creates a dramatic change.
  • Clean garden. Preferably you have the well-kept flowers and the grass in good condition. If they are not, it is better to cut the damaged plants and remove dry leaves. Eliminate trash, empty plant pots and pick up the hose and other accessories to clean the garden.
  • Dispose of broken patio furniture, save or repair. If you plan to use them in the house where you will move, you can paint them and already have that task advanced.
  • Think about where future buyers will enter. Although many families enter directly into the kitchen, which is more comfortable, this does not work for your visitors and could cause bad impression. Usually the best option is the main entrance.

Fall in love inside

  • First impression counts. Look at your house as if you were a buyer. Do the exercise of standing at the door and having a look at how a person will ever see you. If you cannot be objective ask a friend or family member for help. What does it feel like when you first see your house?
  • Collect, store and discard. Those three words are essential when you put your house up for sale.
  • Make sure it looks spacious, no matter the size of the house, without having furniture in the middle that obstructs walking. If you are moving do not leave boxes in the middle.
  • Make your home look cozy. Even if it is empty, the house must give a sense of home, one of the elements that promotes staging. For this a suitable temperature and lighting will help. You can even put fresh flowers in the “counter” of the kitchen when you go to show.
  • Organize your furniture. Sometimes we think more about utility than beauty at home. We put big furniture in the middle of a living room because it is more comfortable for the kids or to watch television. If you are going to teach a buyer, make sure they are in harmony with the space and well located.
  • Look for a “look” as neutral as possible. Your house, like all of them, should be full of your memories, but it is important that when a buyer comes, he identifies with your home as if he were already in it. Keep your most significant pictures and elements that can bring controversy as those of religious and political theme.

Cleaning and painting sell

  • Do a deep cleaning. When you decide to put the house up for sale, clean as if you were moving. A buyer with real interest in your home, will review all areas including the garage, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and even closets.
  • Try to have neutral colors. Fashionable colors, that’s it, seasonal and do not necessarily reflect the general taste. The tones you use on your walls influence the mood of the person in the house and the perception of size. If you want to go to the safe remove intense colors of your walls and uses light and neutral tones like white and cream colors.

Tips to sell your house faster

Selling a property is a way to turn heritage into a source of extra income or to buy a bigger or better located home, but for this operation does not bring headaches it is necessary to implement certain measures that will help to accelerate the transaction.

Until recently it was enough with a poster to announce and realize the sale of a property, unfortunately today these advertisements proliferate so much that in many cases they go unnoticed, hence the importance of going a little further and planning the operation well.

Queries and determines the value

It is a key issue at the time of selling: establishing the value of the house in the market. A direct way is for a real estate agency to determine its selling price. Other possibilities are: take as reference recent sales prices of similar properties in the same area, a valuation of the house by specialized companies, consult in real estate the cost of similar houses put up for sale in the area.

It is important to know that there are real estate professionals trained to ensure the best conditions of the sale, in addition to the knowledge of the processes that prevents unpleasant surprises and in some cases reduces the waiting time.

Documentation in order

Experts recommend checking that all papers are in order, as there are times when the real estate is not legally owned by who wants to dispose of them, such as when the owner dies and the succession of the property has not been made.

Another factor is when the deeds of the property have errors that may prevent the sale or impede the accreditation of the property, such as failures in the description, location or name of the owner.

The documents that you must have are: property title or registered in the Public Registry of Property, water bills and property tax duly paid, light and telephone bills in addition to the additional services hired, official identification and a location sketch to facilitate the publication.

Includes additional costs

Selling a house at a certain price does not mean that you will enter that amount. For this reason you must be clear the expenses that will generate the sale. As for example the paperwork that these transactions imply, it is necessary to take into account the expenses in the Notary, lawyer, professional appraisers, real estate agents and accountant to calculate the fiscal charge derived from the sale of the property. In addition to the repairs that are required.

The necessary repairs

Once you decide to take the step, dozens of buyers will visit the house and check the status of it with similar ones. At similar prices, what will decide the buyers choose one or the other will be the state and the image.

If you have access to repairs at a reasonable price and with people of trust, evaluate the cost that the house prepared to sell can leave you, so that you are not at a disadvantage compared to others. There are many buyers who come the world over if they have to make repairs or works.

We must begin by understanding that the exterior appearance should impress the buyer enough to drive him into the house. Buyers are usually influenced by their emotions when choosing a home. With that in mind, think of the buyers as if they were guests of honor.

Tips for a quick sale

  1. Invest in advertising. Make an attractive advertisement on the sale of housing including useful data and important information (useful meters, distribution, year in which it was built) and publish it on mass media of the Internet.
  2. Repair cracked walls or holes, locks, lamps, and so on. These details are easy to solve and yet they can attract attention in a negative way. Replace fused bulbs, as well as dampers and contacts that do not work.
  3. The first impression is important, so the facade and patio must be perfectly clean. Create a cozy entrance. Invest time and, if necessary, money in conditioning the front door.
  4. In case of showing a house that is still inhabited, pay special attention to the cleaning and care of the house during the visit of the buyers. You must make sure that everything is in place, perfectly tidy and arranged in a comfortable way.
  5. A good decoration is key to impress the prospective buyers, more bearing in mind that the sale of used houses has a lot of demand.
  6. Give the house a ventilated appearance, eliminates clutter and reduces furniture to a minimum. Rearrange furniture so the environment is not loaded. It is important to create a spacious environment, with communication channels between the rooms.
  7. Take special care with the bathroom and kitchen. Clean tiles, remove signs of moisture or mold on joints, and put new towels. In the kitchen remove all utensils. Corrects leaks in the keys, as this may appear to be problems with the pipes.
  8. Some expert’s in house sales advise to house the house with good aromas to enhance the sense of well-being. Place fresh flowers or baskets with flavors throughout the house.
  9. Pets can break the sale process. Although you love animals, if you want to boost the sale of your house, make sure that the animals are not present during the visit of potential buyers.
  10. Make a photographic archive and a video, we know that no house is sold without at least one previous visit, but the photos are the main attraction. Post as many as possible. Select the images, that the first image is not the one of a bath. Try to include photos that give an overview of the property, do not stay in the details. Do not forget to include images of the facade.
  11. Make a description with the maximum possible detail, the objective is that the potential buyer can get an idea of ​​the property through the text and the images that you include.
  12. Insert all the extras that the house has, in this case it is better to sin of excess than to stay short. The more information, the easier it will be to make the property attractive in the eyes of buyers.
  13. Attend to all people who contact you, do not delay in the response of e-mails or calls, you never know if that contact is the person willing to buy it.
  14. Finally you must take into account the demand and supply of the local market, as this will determine the time it takes to sell the property and the basis of the negotiation. Be patient, the process is not a matter of a day or two. Looking for updated photos and description, sometimes a small change can make an ad more attractive.

Tips to sell your home faster

If you are thinking of selling your home, you should not just bother adjusting the price to the market these days!

In the days that run, the price is very significant, but it is not at all imperial! However we must note that the market continues to adjust.

First impression

How perfect the house inside is sometimes secondary. The external appearance and where it is located and how it fits in the neighborhood is indeed important. The outside of it has to be careful, that is, well painted, and the garden if you have it, should be well taken care of. In the real estate market, appearances are of very great importance.

In the case of an apartment, they should have a nice carpet at the entrance, a neutral but friendly lighting, and the first division that receives the impeccably presented buyers with a fresh aroma without forgetting to put a jar of natural flowers in the entrance, not there is nothing more welcoming.

Adopt a posture and behavior as if it is a buyer’s treat and value the facts that you would probably value…


After location, lighting is one of the factors that most helps in the sale of a home … Remove the curtains, clean well the windows, change the lamps to light but strong color lamps. Let the light come in, have everything very well lit. Replace blown bulbs, try moving the furniture away from the front of the windows. And if you have a garden, do not forget to put it impeccably especially the part that you see from the windows of the house. It is very important that the house is bright and cheerful, it will be much more easily sold.

Try to create a more pleasant environment cleaning and organization

It is of utmost importance to remove all the trash and sort out the clutter of the property before showing it to potential buyers. If you have to take out some furniture to make rooms, or rooms seem larger, be sure to do so … Personal objects and family photos should also be removed.

If you have pets, do not forget to use a product to remove the odor.

Keep the closet doors closed, do not leave brooms or other things in the middle of the house. You must make sure everything is organized and in place.

Clean the bathrooms. Keep the house air always fresh. Open the windows as much as possible to let the street air in.

Do not use air purifiers or flavorings can any of the customers be allergic to them … Keeping everything organized and clean makes the future buyer feel good and wants to live in such an environment.

 The kitchen is very important

Most of our customers decide their purchase much because of the kitchen. If they have a well maintained kitchen and with appliances in good condition the sale of the house can be much more enhanced. If the kitchen is the target of some intervention to improve the image of your home, do not forget to do so, sometimes replacing the countertop, painting the cabinets, changing the handles, replacing the stove, hob and exhaust fan is sometimes decisive for the business. If you have to paint use neutral colors so that future buyers may in the future give them the personal touch of them. A good kitchen is the benchmark for the whole house.

 Depersonalize the home

One of the most important things you can do when you are selling a home is to depersonalize it. The future buyer needs to feel like he’s at home. As such, the more personal objects you have in the house, the more it complicates our task of selling it, since buyers like to feel the space as yours and not a stranger where they see the decoration of another person.

Repairs and maintenance

Quick and easy pre-sale arrangements always give good results. No big deal though. You probably cannot get the reimbursement of the cost of the great works: paint the walls again, Wash the curtains or buy new ones, change the door and cabinet handles, make sure the cabinet doors work flawlessly, cracking the walls. Make the necessary repairs on the pipes and electrical parts. Replace faucets that are leaking and make sure all outlets are working correctly. Buyers notice these details and give utmost importance to these things .

 Choose a good agency

One of the great secrets to selling your home is to be careful in choosing the Real Estate Agency, it is of great importance this point since everything here can make the difference. The credibility, Honesty and manner of operation of each agency are different. So that one can do a job with the expected professionalism make sure you give all The information and make available in a timely manner all documents requested. And be aware that your home, will be a reference, will be in the window, the website of the agency, advertising on this virtual information highway.

Tips to sell your home fast

Selling a home requires hard work, the ability to separate emotionally, and a realistic attitude toward the process. A visually appealing home attracts potential buyers inside and encourages them to make an offer. Buyers often get caught up in cosmetic issues or clutter because they cannot be seen on the home page in their current state. They provide potential buyers with a clean slate to increase the chances of selling your house fast.

Real estate agent

Choose carefully the real estate ad when selling a house. Ask for recommendations from family and friends and ask for references when visiting with a real estate agent. Ask a future real estate agent for your credentials and background so you select a highly qualified and effective agent for selling your home. Make sure the real estate agent is familiar with homes in your neighborhood and price range.

Price fixing

Listen to your agent’s advice when it comes to your home prices. Real estate agents consider many factors, including other sales in their neighborhood and current market conditions, when setting a price for a home. As the homeowner, you feel emotionally connected to the home page and whatever work you put into it and you may feel should be priced higher. A price too high is likely to keep potential buyers delaying the sale of the house.

Curb appeal

Improve the sidewalk appeal of your home to attract potential buyers. The curb appeal, or exterior appearance of your house, makes the first impression on potential buyers. A messy backyard with little visual appeal turns away prospects. Ask neighbors and friends opinions on how you can improve the attractiveness of the sidewalk of your home. Clean any debris from the yard, such as leaves, sticks and lawn mowers, in the front and backyards. Trim shrubs and overgrown trees. Energy washed decks, cladding, bricks and other outdoor structures to present a new look. Fix broken fences, flower boxes, blinds and other landscape elements.

Sort and depersonalize

Prepare your home for sale with a thorough cleaning and clearing session. Eliminate the clutter that makes a room appear smaller and visually removes it from your home. Remove personal items and various decorative items that cannot appeal to others. Consider moving extra furniture or boxes of items to a storage unit while you are trying to sell your home. Fewer household furniture items create the appearance of larger rooms.


Minor damage repair inside the house before putting it on the market. Needs repairs can detract from the overall appeal of the home and may repel potential buyers. Patch any holes and cracks in walls or floors. Replace broken luminaires and light bulbs and tackle minor plumbing problems. Put on the new light switch plates and outlet covers to give it a fresh look. Consider painting rooms with neutral colors that may appeal to more buyers.

Tips to sell your apartment

Be clear about the costs of the sale

If you are still paying the mortgage of the floor you want to sell, first of all you must check the conditions of the mortgage loan. Find out the cancellation or early repayment fees and assess the possibility of subrogating the mortgage on the home.

You should also take into account expenses such as the IIVTU (municipal goodwill), the equity income in the IRPF, the fees of the real estate agencies you work with, notary expenses and the registration of the deed of sale.

Prepare the apartment for sale

Before a property of price and similar characteristics, the small details can make that the buyer decides for a house or another.

It values ​​the possibility to take charge of small repairs, especially those that can suppose a reduction in the price. Get rid of furniture and old clothes, paint the house white to give it light and a hygienic look, change the curtains, keep the house clean, take care of the small details like planting or flowers …

Put a price on your house

Price is a key issue when it comes to selling the house. Putting an attractive price will be fundamental to arouse the interest of buyers, especially if you are urged to sell.

Take a tour of the real estate of your neighborhood to see what price are sold the apartments in your area with similar characteristics, you can also see in real estate portals how much they ask for similar floors to yours in the same neighborhood. Once you have that information, call an appraiser to make an official estimate that you can give to those interested in buying your apartment, although if you contract the services of a real estate agency they will make their own appraisal.

Bring it to the market

You can try to sell your home in a particular way or have the services of a real estate agency. If you decide to work with a professional of the sector study well its economic conditions and exclusivity. It is important that you select a good agent who knows the market in your area, who shows interest in managing your home and promote it online and offline. Remember that the first 15 days of sale of your apartment are key to arouse interest among potential buyers, the apartment must be in perfect condition and the advertisement should highlight all its advantages.

Make an attractive advertisement

Whether you decide to sell the apartment on your own, by real estate, or combine both, it is important that you advertise your home on the main Internet portals.

Indicate all possible details of the apartment, publish nice photos of all the stays made during the day and indicate the location with a map.

Do not show yourself desperate

In a sale it is always very important not to show nervousness or despair. Whether you are a real estate agent who is going to teach the apartment you have to have all this information at hand when you are going to teach the apartment:

  • Advantages of the apartment: bright, well located, with garage, large rooms, terrace…
  • How is the neighborhood: its schools, supermarkets, parks, leisure areas, subway, bus, train…?
  • Price: if the price is adjusted, the buyer must be shown figures that show the ‘bargain’ you are buying.

Do not rush when signing papers

Do not sign a lease or pick up the signal without being sure the buyer is going to get the mortgage. Although you can keep the signal, you will have paralyzed the sale during a time in which you may have lost another buyer.

Tips for selling your home in direct deal

For those who want to sell their house and want to do it through a direct deal with buyers , either to save the cost of the real estate brokerage , or to have “certain” experience in the sales area , it is in their right and it is very worthwhile to carry out the sale of your property this way.

Tips for Selling Your Home in Direct Dealt present, that many forms and processes for the realization of any project is thoroughly studied each step aimed at obtaining the optimal results and as a consequence of these analyzes and associated with the experiences of the people involved.

  • Check the legal status of your property, do not miss a document, you are up to date on the payment of the tax cadastral, and if you can get the letter of freedom of lien, will help you and give security to the future buyer, and are documents which will be requested by the notary to register, as well as any financial institution to grant a credit to the interested party.
  • Determine the appropriate price at which you are going to sell your property, since this concept is the most important so that you can sell your house in theist mated time.
  • Place the “for sale direct” sign, and attend to your prospects who want to visit the house, specifically at weekends, that is when many of the property buyers have time to make visits to the home for sale of their interest and where there is higher Sal esrateof houses.
  • In the sale of the house of direct treatment, take some precautions on who visits your property, leave some data pending, and ask for a landline number to pass it later, to take a copy of your if credential, and tell those concerned openly that they are safety precautionary measures, if they are truly interested in your property, they will not raise any objection to these measures.
  • Study and know the types of credits in the market, although in a general way, since a large part of the sales that are made is through this form, so that you consider the times of the mortgage procedures.
  • Prepare a negotiation and closing plan, consider how much you could adjust in the price, the date of delivery of the property, the equipment you will leave in the house, payment for services, taxes derived from the operation, or the forms of payment and the sale price.
  • Prepare a purchase and sale format for the operation, advising you by a notary, where the clauses to be dealt with in the negotiation are understandable, as well as the previous receipt by the signal in the formality of the transaction.

As you can see, there are many aspects that need to be taken care of when selling your house direct deal , and if you are still interested in completing this sale, you can do it as a professional.

The formalization of the purchase through the documents necessary to realize the sale of your property, and all this at the cost of advising only 1% of the value of the sale.

Tips to sell your house quickly and effectively

The real estate market is currently underdeveloped, which is why finding buyers for our real estate can become a tremendously complicated task. That is why it is important to realize that it is no longer enough to put a sign and wait for customers to come to our floor like flies to honey … It is necessary to plan well the operation and adapt to what the public demands. Let’s see how:

Establish a price adapted to the market, not your needs or economic interests: The need to recover the investment we made in our home or certain sentimental motivations can lead us to establish a wrong price of our house, so we must not lose sight of Our goal, which is to sell the house, and set a price that is competitive and attractive to buyers. Look at the prices of homes with the same characteristics as yours, or your area, that will be your main competition. Real estate agencies and companies specializing in appraisal can facilitate this task.

For the sale of your home you must have in order the title or deed of property, receipts of contracted supplies, paid water and property tickets, official identification and a map to facilitate the Location of the property.

Expenses arising from the operation: Selling your home will always involve a series of associated expenses that must be taken into account before carrying out the operation, such as the costs of Notary, lawyers, advisers and the tax burden arising from the sale of the property. In addition, to this we must add the expense derived from the repairs that the housing requires. In this sense, it is very important to point out the importance of the image of the house, a decisive factor for buyers. To do this, it is necessary to apply the “home staging “, which involves leaving the house as pleasant as possible, just as you would like to find your home. Here are some guidelines for preparing your home for your clients:

  • Clean the house thoroughly
  • Put special emphasis on the entrance to the house, it will be the first impression that the buyers have of your house.
  • Take care that your house looks bright, spacious and cozy; organize the furniture, be careful that nothing interrupts the step, if you are moving, do not leave boxes in the middle.
  • Look for an aspect as neutral as possible; Buyers do not have to have the same taste. Minimalist furniture is usually a good choice.
  • Use neutral colors for painting and finishes, such as white or cream.

In addition to all this, do not forget to take into account the existing demand in the local market. Be patient and take your time. Remember that good photos and a good description of the house can attract many potential buyers.