How to Apply for Section 8 Emergencies

Program for Housing Choice Vouchers, commonly known as “Section 8”, assists low-income tenants to live in rental units are privately owned. The public housing authorities receive federal funds to administer this program. Facing a great need and demand for help, many authorities have long waiting lists or have stopped receiving applications for most potential tenants. Many applicants in turn, face an urgent need for housing because of a fire, natural disaster, the loss of their current residence for government action, and others. If you suddenly need help, the authority of the home could consider yourself a priority and possibly accelerate your path to housing assistance.


  1. Search the authority of public housing in your area. One option is to consult the blue pages of the telephone directory under “Local Government Authority Public Housing “. Another option is to go to the website of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development for public housing authorities (see References). Select your state from the list or map. Scroll through the list of authorities to find your area.
  2. Investigate whether the authority housing has priorities or preferences for accepting applicants. Each authority sets its own priorities locally. These may include the homeless, residents in substandard housing, victims of domestic violence, and those who are forced to leave their homes for reasons such as government action, fire or natural disaster or for reasons beyond the control of the applicants.
  3. Find an apartment that accepts vouchers or payments Section 8. Click the link state on the Details page of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development State. Select the link “Get Help for hire”. Select “Search for a subsidized apartment.” Enter a city, county or postcode or the name of the property. Choose which type of disability, elderly, family or medical care. Click for the number of rooms you want to have the apartment window.
  4. Get application for Section 8 or Housing Choice Vouchers. Read it carefully before filling and delivering the requested information. Submit it to the authority of public housing in the area where you live. If the authority decides to grant you a voucher and approve the rental unit you selected, both read and sign the lease with the landlord and the assistance agreement with the authority of the house.

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