How to sell your apartment online in 6 steps

When you plan to sell your apartment, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is do I sell it as a private person or with an agency? More and more people are opting for the first option, especially for the high fees that must be paid if they sell with an agency. If you also want to sell your house as private, here are 6 steps to sell your apartment online.

Go to the market with an attractive price

Before publishing your sales announcement, you must make sure that the price you ask is in line with the reality of the market and what buyers are willing to pay. To define a correct price you must take into account several factors such as location, the state of the home or the market situation in your area. You can start with a free appraisal of the price of your home here.

Take time to take good pictures

With more than 90% of buyers looking for their next home online, it seems obvious the need to take care of the quality and professionalism of the photos. An attractive advertisement with professional photographs, plans and more information about your home will attract buyers to ask to visit. Remember that although a Smartphone takes high-resolution photographs, a professional report makes the difference.

Consider featured ads

One of the first steps to put your house in the market is to publish it in the main real estate portals such as Idealist or Fotocasa. However, it is not enough to publish your ad since in a short time you will be relegated to the last positions of the list and will not stand out among so much competition and real estate ads. Investing some money in prominently advertising your property can become a very good investment.

Carefully review the details of your ad

Add all the features, dimensions, number of rooms and extras of your flat. Write a detailed description but attractive and easy to read. It must be convincing and encourage the prospective buyer to visit your flat.

Prepare your home for each visit

Although it seems obvious, keeping your home tidy and clean when visited by potential buyers creates an atmosphere of comfort and confidence that will help them make the final decision. In addition, fix defects, give a coat of paint or improve the layout of the rooms and the decoration adds points.

Have the documentation prepared

The process of buying and selling a house requires a series of documents and certificates that you should review and take into account, such as the energy efficiency certificate. Also, if you decide to sign a contract of sale with a pact with the buyer you must ensure that everything is in order, if you are not sure about the procedure and the legal aspects you can ask for help from a lawyer.

Private or digital real estate?

If you sell your apartment with a real estate agent you will have support and help during the whole sale process, but in exchange you will have to pay a commission of 3 or 5% on the sale price. While if you decide to sell it as a private person you will have to dedicate time and resources, and you may have many doubts.