Ten tips to sell your apartment quickly

Good weather arrives, and with it, infidelities. The experts advise to advance your divorce and now put your apartment for sale. If it is done in a staggered way, you can all get a good price for your love nest (at the moment). We offer you a series of tips to make this process easier.

  1. Master the art of euphemism. Do not say “the neighbors are noisy”. Say “the neighborhood has a lot of vitality”. Do not say “there is a plague of cockroaches”. Say it’s an “ecofriendly” floor.
  2. The trick of the couple interested. It’s a classic but it still works: hurry the potential buyer by saying that “there is an interested couple”. We recommend a trick to multiply its effects. Enter the
  3. Facebook of prospective buyers and look for the photo album. Locate the man and woman who have aged the best (the least bald, the thinnest …). Make a photomontage of both walking on the beach and show the result to potential buyers. The hatred towards these people will make them stay with your flat.
  4. Use social networks and reach the hearts of those interested. Create a Facebook profile of your apartment.
  5. Add extras. Be generous with those interested in buying and offer something that is not expected. For example, the classic trick of the mysterious box. At the time they are evaluating if they buy the house, take out a box with drawn questions and tell them that the box is included in the price. You will not be able to resist curiosity.
  6. Study the competition. Do not forget to visit other apartments for sale in your area. The less offer there is in the area, the more possibilities to sell your apartment. Remove those things that can scare visitors. You know.
  7. Be the perfect host. Receive visitors with a snack. There are little tricks that, in some way, influence the final decision. A good advice is to light up all the rooms, or offer homemade croquettes.