Three useful keys to sell a house in less time

New Year New Life. And maybe a new house too. With 2019, another stage begins and many families will want to face it by giving an opportunity to a home that fits more with the characteristics and features with which they have always dreamed.

Once this option has been decided, the search for real estate begins (as satisfactory as it is stressful), and those that are best presented are always more likely to be visited and subsequently purchased. But what is it that a house should have to attract the attention of future owners?

Set the house to be cozy. When it comes to selling a house, it is convenient to keep it clean, free of obstacles (boxes, furniture and everything that reveals data from the former owners) and with some decorative elements that are attractive to potential buyers, such as well-kept plants and flowers, as well as lamps that provide clear light and that help illuminate the rooms.

It is also important to carry out all repairs -great and small- that may mislead the buyer and make him think that the house is not equipped to live in it (faucets that leak, badly painted rooms, built-in closets that close or moisture), as well as keep up with community payments, taxes, registration and withdrawal of invoices …

Advertise housing on the internet and in mobile applications. The most common, especially in younger families, is to start tracking the real estate market through the internet. That is why it is very important to upload to any of the available portals of the property, taking care first of all the quality of the photos.

You already know that a picture is worth a thousand words … In addition, we must not lose sight of the mobile applications created to buy, sell and rent homes, as they allow you to check the latest updates and be constantly aware of possible changes.

Appraising housing with justice is essential. When selling a house, the first thing you think about is the price at which it was bought, but, unfortunately for many, it is not the only parameter that must be taken into account to fix the current price.

It is more important to look at the square meters of the set and those of each room, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, because they are some of the aspects that have more weight when making a decision. It is also important to look at the neighborhood in which the dwelling is located, since the services it offers always have an added value.