Time to sell your property

The decision to sell the house where you may have lived for decades does not take you from one day to the next. You may have been playing with the idea of ​​selling your house or apartment for several years, but you are waiting … consciously or unconsciously for a signal that the time is right. Which signal that is will depend on your personal situation and the real estate market? These are the most common signs that homeowners give to take the step to selling their property.

You need more space in your home

There are several reasons why a house is no longer large enough for you and your family. Family expansion is of course the most common reason, many owners also sell their home when they start an independent activity, for example. The exercise of this activity will depend on the professional space that one needs. Just think of, for example, a desk, atelier, warehouse or warehouse. Many homeowners are looking to buy a home taking into account the extra professional space they need.

A feeling that there is too much space

The opposite argument is often given as a reason to move. After adult children have left the house, there is often too much room left for the parents. A house with three bedrooms of which only one is actually used not only requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning, it also ensures unnecessarily high energy bills. In that case a move to a smaller home can be the appropriate solution.

The neighborhood is no longer what it was

The atmosphere in a village, neighborhood or district can sometimes change quickly. Over the years, the cozy, popular neighborhood in which you lived can turn into a chic entertainment district or can change the traffic situation in such a way that you suffer much more from traffic jams or other forms of traffic disruption. In the meantime you may have switched jobs, so that this convenient connection with the train station would now be better replaced by a good connection with the highway.

The contact with your neighbors may also not be optimal. If you live a large part of your life in a certain neighborhood, you will see many people coming and going. The new neighbors may be slightly less spontaneous, so it does not always click well. Finally, families also sometimes move closer to being a good school for the children. These different signals can be the decisive factor to decide to sell your house and find a new place. As a tip we also like to say that it is always advisable to understand the new neighborhood where you want to live. Your estate agent is a recognized expert who specializes in the environment and can advise and assist you in finding your ideal home.

There is no point or budget for renovation work

Not everyone likes renovations. Yet it is sometimes necessary to protect an aging home in value to carry out important renovations. New insulation, a new roof, floors, bathroom or kitchen … these are all big investments. Moreover, these investments do not always return themselves to a sale. This way you can renovate your bathroom, but if that renovation does not appeal to the buyer, he or she will not be prepared to pay an extra price for this.

If major renovations are necessary and you do not have the time and energy for this yourself, it may be a good idea to sell the property in its current state. Young couples who want to buy their first home are often looking for a property with a reduced price tag where they can carry out the renovations themselves. It is recommended that you be advised by an expert in this area. Some real estate agents have expertise in creating added value for your home, with a limited budget before you buy the property on the market.

The current housing market is simply very favorable

In an attractive housing market, many owners are tempted to sell their homes before the prices could possibly fall back. This is a logical argument if you do not have to look for another property yourself after the sale. Otherwise, you will become a buyer in a market with high prices, so that the possible profit from a sale is often canceled out again. In addition, there can be many other signals that make the market favorable to try and sell, such as the low interest rate or you live in a very popular environment where not many homes are for sale or for rent.