Tips for first-time real estate buyers

If you have finally decided to buy an apartment or house as part of a personal investment project, it is an important decision that requires planning. Whether you are thinking about starting a new stage of your life or looking for a business opportunity to generate profitability, you need good advice.

The real estate market has its particularities, so it is vital to handle some basic notions to find what you are looking for. In order to better guide you if you do not have experience in this type of transactions, we will review key keys that can help you make an appropriate choice.

Buy in white, green or by immediate delivery

Depending on the risk you want to assume and your availability of funds, you have these 3 options when purchasing a new home. In the first option the project is established but construction has not started. The next stage represents the work in process with a higher price (4 to 6%). In the last phase everything is ready to sign.

Each one presents its possibilities, risks and costs, so you need to establish your priorities. The blank delivery takes about 2 years because there is a guarantee of compliance and generates more goodwill. The other cases require more outlay, but the difference is that you can see what the property looks like and the delivery is faster.

The less you have to pay for the property, this allows you to save a little more to meet the quota of the foot, which is around 20% of the total cost. In addition, for blank works you have the opportunity to have a term greater than 24 months to pay that amount and the ease of mortgage credit.

Location, comparison and properties used

An important part of the process of selecting a home has to do with its location, which indicates its short and long-term surplus value. The ideal is to choose an area with good transport, green areas, connection, shopping centers, and schools and near work. This guarantees the comfort that is required and the revaluation of the house or apartment.

Also, depending on the budget you have the opportunity to review the different options available. For this, you can hire a real estate broker or agent of trust, search the internet and walk through the most profitable areas. It is a process that deserves excellent advice, time and dedication.

Another important option related to the above, has to do with the sale of used properties. For this particular case, we recommend a technical inspection service, a good appraisal to know the real value of the market and personalized attention that already has a portfolio of clients with available properties.

Take into account the regulations, documents and legal procedures

During the process to buy a house or apartment you have to manage a considerable amount of paperwork to achieve the final goal. In principle, it includes aspects such as the reservation, the promise of sale, insurance policy, credit or mortgage subsidy, writing and specifications. This also includes fines, obligations, guarantees, certifications and more.

This does not mean that it is a complex process, but rather that it requires an adequate organization to fully comply with all the steps. In the case of new housing, the goal is to obtain the officialization of these documents through the final municipal receipt granted by the Municipal Works Directorate.

Once again, if you think about buying a house to invest or occupy, you have to be soaked about the different stages of this procedure. As we have clarified previously, although it is not necessary to be an expert to comply with the required requirements, the timely consultancy is there to give you the tools you need.

Buying a home or apartment for the first time can be a challenge when you do not have the right information and preparation. The real estate market has a dynamic that varies depending on demand, governments and economic variables, so you must constantly adjust to changes in procedures and its legal framework.