Tips for selling a house without intermediaries

Are you thinking about selling your house but you think it is very difficult to do it alone? Are you afraid of making a mistake but at the same time you do not have enough budget to pay the commission to the broker? Well, the process will require more effort, but it is certainly possible considering the following things and following these steps:

  • Valuation of the property

To know the commercial value of the property it is necessary to make an appraisal by means of private or through a bank. This will help you set the value at which you can sell your property. You can also get an idea by checking the values ​​of similar houses for sale in the commune or neighborhood.

  • Show housing

Show housing is not a minor detail. The way in which the interested parties see the property can be decisive at the moment of purchase. It is important that the property is tidy and clean at the time of the visit. I hope there are no people inside and the floors and carpet are clean, the pieces illuminated and both electrical system and plumbing work properly.

  • Choose the right person.

Once you have shown the house and have offers, choose the most reliable person, or the one that offers the best sum of money or is ready to carry out the procedures in less time. At this point you should choose.

  • Documentation

The documentation and processing is lengthy and could sometimes be seen as cumbersome, but if you know the logical steps, everything becomes clearer and seems easier. In addition, it considers that in general, the documentation and procedures should be put together by the buyer.

  1. You must first sign a purchase-sale promise, which assures the owner that the interested party will buy the property and the buyer that the owner will not regret selling for a period of time usually 3-6 months. In this contract, conditions are generally set as fines for those who do not comply, who regularly rely on the guarantee of a check for each party. The amount is fixed in the contract and is withdrawn once the purchase process is completed. At other times the seller charges the interested party a “reservation” to secure the purchase. This amount is then paid to the final value of the property.
  2. Once signed the promise the buyer can (it is not obligatory, but recommendable) to gather all the documentation to realize the study of title. This means thoroughly reviewing all owners who have had a property and there is no conflict of inheritance or other that may affect the future owner. This process can be done by the same buyer, advised or not by an attorney.
  3. Once the title study of the property for sale has been made, the deeds of the property are written. This document must also be written by the buyer’s lawyer. At this point we recommend the owner to be advised by a lawyer who can review the final document prepared to avoid misunderstandings in the final contract of sale.
  4. Now that all the documents have been reviewed by both parties and everyone agrees, the scriptures must be signed. Both owner and buyer must go to the notary’s office and sign the document. If there is a bank involved in the process, you must also sign.
  5. Registration with the Real Estate conservative. After signing the scriptures, the next step is to enter the property. This process should be done directly in the conservator or can even be done online in some communes. This process has a cost of 0.2% of the purchase value of the property with a cap of $ 262,200. If the purchase means a bank, then it is this one who performs the procedure.
  6. Depending on the commune and how the process was done, the certificates of ownership will be in more or less time, but usually takes between 2 and 3 months from the signing of writing. In some occasions the property is delivered at this point and other times it may be agreed to do so after signing the deeds.


  • A good idea to sell the property faster is to fix it, and present it as if it were new. The better the house looks, the more people will like it.
  • Now that you know that it is not so difficult, cheer up and do it yourself.