Tips to sell your apartment

Be clear about the costs of the sale

If you are still paying the mortgage of the floor you want to sell, first of all you must check the conditions of the mortgage loan. Find out the cancellation or early repayment fees and assess the possibility of subrogating the mortgage on the home.

You should also take into account expenses such as the IIVTU (municipal goodwill), the equity income in the IRPF, the fees of the real estate agencies you work with, notary expenses and the registration of the deed of sale.

Prepare the apartment for sale

Before a property of price and similar characteristics, the small details can make that the buyer decides for a house or another.

It values ​​the possibility to take charge of small repairs, especially those that can suppose a reduction in the price. Get rid of furniture and old clothes, paint the house white to give it light and a hygienic look, change the curtains, keep the house clean, take care of the small details like planting or flowers …

Put a price on your house

Price is a key issue when it comes to selling the house. Putting an attractive price will be fundamental to arouse the interest of buyers, especially if you are urged to sell.

Take a tour of the real estate of your neighborhood to see what price are sold the apartments in your area with similar characteristics, you can also see in real estate portals how much they ask for similar floors to yours in the same neighborhood. Once you have that information, call an appraiser to make an official estimate that you can give to those interested in buying your apartment, although if you contract the services of a real estate agency they will make their own appraisal.

Bring it to the market

You can try to sell your home in a particular way or have the services of a real estate agency. If you decide to work with a professional of the sector study well its economic conditions and exclusivity. It is important that you select a good agent who knows the market in your area, who shows interest in managing your home and promote it online and offline. Remember that the first 15 days of sale of your apartment are key to arouse interest among potential buyers, the apartment must be in perfect condition and the advertisement should highlight all its advantages.

Make an attractive advertisement

Whether you decide to sell the apartment on your own, by real estate, or combine both, it is important that you advertise your home on the main Internet portals.

Indicate all possible details of the apartment, publish nice photos of all the stays made during the day and indicate the location with a map.

Do not show yourself desperate

In a sale it is always very important not to show nervousness or despair. Whether you are a real estate agent who is going to teach the apartment you have to have all this information at hand when you are going to teach the apartment:

  • Advantages of the apartment: bright, well located, with garage, large rooms, terrace…
  • How is the neighborhood: its schools, supermarkets, parks, leisure areas, subway, bus, train…?
  • Price: if the price is adjusted, the buyer must be shown figures that show the ‘bargain’ you are buying.

Do not rush when signing papers

Do not sign a lease or pick up the signal without being sure the buyer is going to get the mortgage. Although you can keep the signal, you will have paralyzed the sale during a time in which you may have lost another buyer.