Tips to sell your home faster

If you are thinking of selling your home, you should not just bother adjusting the price to the market these days!

In the days that run, the price is very significant, but it is not at all imperial! However we must note that the market continues to adjust.

First impression

How perfect the house inside is sometimes secondary. The external appearance and where it is located and how it fits in the neighborhood is indeed important. The outside of it has to be careful, that is, well painted, and the garden if you have it, should be well taken care of. In the real estate market, appearances are of very great importance.

In the case of an apartment, they should have a nice carpet at the entrance, a neutral but friendly lighting, and the first division that receives the impeccably presented buyers with a fresh aroma without forgetting to put a jar of natural flowers in the entrance, not there is nothing more welcoming.

Adopt a posture and behavior as if it is a buyer’s treat and value the facts that you would probably value…


After location, lighting is one of the factors that most helps in the sale of a home … Remove the curtains, clean well the windows, change the lamps to light but strong color lamps. Let the light come in, have everything very well lit. Replace blown bulbs, try moving the furniture away from the front of the windows. And if you have a garden, do not forget to put it impeccably especially the part that you see from the windows of the house. It is very important that the house is bright and cheerful, it will be much more easily sold.

Try to create a more pleasant environment cleaning and organization

It is of utmost importance to remove all the trash and sort out the clutter of the property before showing it to potential buyers. If you have to take out some furniture to make rooms, or rooms seem larger, be sure to do so … Personal objects and family photos should also be removed.

If you have pets, do not forget to use a product to remove the odor.

Keep the closet doors closed, do not leave brooms or other things in the middle of the house. You must make sure everything is organized and in place.

Clean the bathrooms. Keep the house air always fresh. Open the windows as much as possible to let the street air in.

Do not use air purifiers or flavorings can any of the customers be allergic to them … Keeping everything organized and clean makes the future buyer feel good and wants to live in such an environment.

 The kitchen is very important

Most of our customers decide their purchase much because of the kitchen. If they have a well maintained kitchen and with appliances in good condition the sale of the house can be much more enhanced. If the kitchen is the target of some intervention to improve the image of your home, do not forget to do so, sometimes replacing the countertop, painting the cabinets, changing the handles, replacing the stove, hob and exhaust fan is sometimes decisive for the business. If you have to paint use neutral colors so that future buyers may in the future give them the personal touch of them. A good kitchen is the benchmark for the whole house.

 Depersonalize the home

One of the most important things you can do when you are selling a home is to depersonalize it. The future buyer needs to feel like he’s at home. As such, the more personal objects you have in the house, the more it complicates our task of selling it, since buyers like to feel the space as yours and not a stranger where they see the decoration of another person.

Repairs and maintenance

Quick and easy pre-sale arrangements always give good results. No big deal though. You probably cannot get the reimbursement of the cost of the great works: paint the walls again, Wash the curtains or buy new ones, change the door and cabinet handles, make sure the cabinet doors work flawlessly, cracking the walls. Make the necessary repairs on the pipes and electrical parts. Replace faucets that are leaking and make sure all outlets are working correctly. Buyers notice these details and give utmost importance to these things .

 Choose a good agency

One of the great secrets to selling your home is to be careful in choosing the Real Estate Agency, it is of great importance this point since everything here can make the difference. The credibility, Honesty and manner of operation of each agency are different. So that one can do a job with the expected professionalism make sure you give all The information and make available in a timely manner all documents requested. And be aware that your home, will be a reference, will be in the window, the website of the agency, advertising on this virtual information highway.