Tips to sell your home without losing money

There is no doubt, now is the time to acquire homes. The cycle of the economy begins to reverse the situation of immobility that has reigned, during the years of the crisis and, as you will observe, in the latest buying and selling trends, the real estate market starts to shake. Bank spreads are in tatters and the price of money too. Although the credit starts to flow too timidly, for those interested in buying a new house or who wish with all their might to get rid of a property without losing money, here is a list of tips. Adapt them to your current needs, but think that, in the future, your papers can be exchanged. Whether you are a buyer or want to sell your home, they will help you.

Wait until prices rise and the economy improves

If you can. The urgency to sell and to obtain economic liquidity causes, in many families, the loss of patrimony and purchasing power. You need to sell urgently and the only way is to lower the price and lose money. A pity, but it’s like that.

Your house has not been revalued. Quite the opposite. There is no formula, unless a stroke of luck comes from a rare buyer who falls in love with your home and wants it at whatever price, to take money out of that investment.

If you are one of those who can wait to sell, until the economy stabilizes and prices increase again, take advantage. Surely one of the reasons why you decided to buy brick was to consider it a safe value. We do not guarantee that you will recover the price for which you acquired it, but, at least, you will avoid a debacle.

If, on the other hand, you move and you can also wait for the price recovery: rent your home and get it performance. Your house will always be there and, while, you can go taking advantage of your investment, until buyers appear ready to satisfy your sale prices.

Put the sale in the hands of specialized agents

They, better than anyone, know the state of the market, at present. Especially, in the face of the fierce competition that exists on the part of banking entities that, in times of crisis, have had to dedicate themselves body and soul to this sector, to give out their assets, for non-payment of mortgages.

Attentive to the differentials of your mortgage

The same report indicates that mortgages, in our country, rose by 3.1% and the average credit that is provided is around 92,000 dollars. With the Euribor still falling and approaching 0, the money is, officially and practically, given away. It is the banks that fix the shares of their profitability through these spreads. Take accounts and increase the price of output. You must sell your home from that price, so as not to lose money. Have you amortized part of your mortgage? Do they penalize you?

Make sure your home will be salable

Look at the following guidelines, at the time of purchase:

Without a lift: homes that require climbing stairs are usually not revalued (although it also depends on the area and the uses that they want to give). But, generally, the people who buy a thing do it thinking about the idea that, probably, they retire there.

Very damaged farm, outskirts and without services within reach (schools, supermarkets, hospitals, parks, public transport …).

Dimly lit interiors: buyers tend to flee from this type of housing. They prefer houses that are well oriented towards natural light.

Take into account all these factors and give your savings a good start!