Tips to sell your house faster

Do you want to sell your house quickly? That will depend on many factors. A good marketing strategy, an effective real estate agent, a good price and the one that your house enamored to future buyers is important. The latter may depend on you. Some ideas to achieve this are:

Captivate at first sight

  • Proper painting. Exterior painting is expensive. If it is in bad condition and you cannot paint it, remove at least the stains that have the walls and clean them. Sometimes this just creates a dramatic change.
  • Clean garden. Preferably you have the well-kept flowers and the grass in good condition. If they are not, it is better to cut the damaged plants and remove dry leaves. Eliminate trash, empty plant pots and pick up the hose and other accessories to clean the garden.
  • Dispose of broken patio furniture, save or repair. If you plan to use them in the house where you will move, you can paint them and already have that task advanced.
  • Think about where future buyers will enter. Although many families enter directly into the kitchen, which is more comfortable, this does not work for your visitors and could cause bad impression. Usually the best option is the main entrance.

Fall in love inside

  • First impression counts. Look at your house as if you were a buyer. Do the exercise of standing at the door and having a look at how a person will ever see you. If you cannot be objective ask a friend or family member for help. What does it feel like when you first see your house?
  • Collect, store and discard. Those three words are essential when you put your house up for sale.
  • Make sure it looks spacious, no matter the size of the house, without having furniture in the middle that obstructs walking. If you are moving do not leave boxes in the middle.
  • Make your home look cozy. Even if it is empty, the house must give a sense of home, one of the elements that promotes staging. For this a suitable temperature and lighting will help. You can even put fresh flowers in the “counter” of the kitchen when you go to show.
  • Organize your furniture. Sometimes we think more about utility than beauty at home. We put big furniture in the middle of a living room because it is more comfortable for the kids or to watch television. If you are going to teach a buyer, make sure they are in harmony with the space and well located.
  • Look for a “look” as neutral as possible. Your house, like all of them, should be full of your memories, but it is important that when a buyer comes, he identifies with your home as if he were already in it. Keep your most significant pictures and elements that can bring controversy as those of religious and political theme.

Cleaning and painting sell

  • Do a deep cleaning. When you decide to put the house up for sale, clean as if you were moving. A buyer with real interest in your home, will review all areas including the garage, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and even closets.
  • Try to have neutral colors. Fashionable colors, that’s it, seasonal and do not necessarily reflect the general taste. The tones you use on your walls influence the mood of the person in the house and the perception of size. If you want to go to the safe remove intense colors of your walls and uses light and neutral tones like white and cream colors.