Five common mistake when decorating an apartment

There are quite a few people who make mistakes when decorating their apartment. Mistakes that the apartment does not look optimal – or even worse: that spoil the interior completely. These 5 mistakes are made very often and they make setting up an apartment a lot harder.

Too big furniture

In an apartment usually not as much furniture as in a house. It is therefore not realistic to press in the same size of furniture. Often it is much nicer to opt for a cozy two-seat instead of a wide three-sweater sofa. This also applies to the coffee table, which is often too dominant. Have you ever considered replacing the coffee table for side tables? They are not only smaller and more elegant, but also super hip as a coffee table!

Too much furniture

Adjacent to the problem of too large furniture: many people try to cram too much furniture into their apartment. In this case, the rule ‘less is more’ applies. By using less furniture, the apartment appears to be more spacious and lighter. Very nice for the atmosphere! Look critically again if you really need all those cabinets. Is it not more practical to put the contents in the storage room or simply to dispose of them?

Too bright colors

A little color is nice of course. But that does not apply if you exaggerate. Even in a retro apartment you have to be careful with too many bright colors. This gives an overwhelming effect, it makes you uneasy and it makes the space appear smaller. Do not choose for bright colors. If you want a bright color, choose a light color as the basis and choose one bright main color for the bright accents.

Too many accessories

You love accessories. So there are sheepskins everywhere, there are dishes with candles and you have beautiful shells draped on your cupboards. Very nice and beautiful, but here too it is fast prevailing. So choose your accessories in moderation! It is also super fun to change your accessories every month, so that you always get a different atmosphere. Store the accessories that you do not need in your storage room or in any other place where they do not stand in the way.

Too little use of your space

This sounds pretty weird, does not it? You do not have much space in an apartment anyway? Yes, but there is a pitfall in that. You can use your space very efficiently! There are all kinds of fun and practical ideas for organizing small rooms. A lot of space is simply overlooked, while it can provide a lot of ease of use. How about a kitchen table that you can fold up against the wall?

Your apartment is not that difficult to set up, but you have to think carefully about the items that you bring in your home. So it can be advantageous to get some inspiration first and to think about which furniture you want in the house. Maybe that huge TV or that long bright orange lounge sofa is a bit too crazy in your modest apartment?