Tips to sell your house quickly and effectively

The real estate market is currently underdeveloped, which is why finding buyers for our real estate can become a tremendously complicated task. That is why it is important to realize that it is no longer enough to put a sign and wait for customers to come to our floor like flies to honey … It is necessary to plan well the operation and adapt to what the public demands. Let’s see how:

Establish a price adapted to the market, not your needs or economic interests: The need to recover the investment we made in our home or certain sentimental motivations can lead us to establish a wrong price of our house, so we must not lose sight of Our goal, which is to sell the house, and set a price that is competitive and attractive to buyers. Look at the prices of homes with the same characteristics as yours, or your area, that will be your main competition. Real estate agencies and companies specializing in appraisal can facilitate this task.

For the sale of your home you must have in order the title or deed of property, receipts of contracted supplies, paid water and property tickets, official identification and a map to facilitate the Location of the property.

Expenses arising from the operation: Selling your home will always involve a series of associated expenses that must be taken into account before carrying out the operation, such as the costs of Notary, lawyers, advisers and the tax burden arising from the sale of the property. In addition, to this we must add the expense derived from the repairs that the housing requires. In this sense, it is very important to point out the importance of the image of the house, a decisive factor for buyers. To do this, it is necessary to apply the “home staging “, which involves leaving the house as pleasant as possible, just as you would like to find your home. Here are some guidelines for preparing your home for your clients:

  • Clean the house thoroughly
  • Put special emphasis on the entrance to the house, it will be the first impression that the buyers have of your house.
  • Take care that your house looks bright, spacious and cozy; organize the furniture, be careful that nothing interrupts the step, if you are moving, do not leave boxes in the middle.
  • Look for an aspect as neutral as possible; Buyers do not have to have the same taste. Minimalist furniture is usually a good choice.
  • Use neutral colors for painting and finishes, such as white or cream.

In addition to all this, do not forget to take into account the existing demand in the local market. Be patient and take your time. Remember that good photos and a good description of the house can attract many potential buyers.