Tips for selling your home in direct deal

For those who want to sell their house and want to do it through a direct deal with buyers , either to save the cost of the real estate brokerage , or to have “certain” experience in the sales area , it is in their right and it is very worthwhile to carry out the sale of your property this way.

Tips for Selling Your Home in Direct Dealt present, that many forms and processes for the realization of any project is thoroughly studied each step aimed at obtaining the optimal results and as a consequence of these analyzes and associated with the experiences of the people involved.

  • Check the legal status of your property, do not miss a document, you are up to date on the payment of the tax cadastral, and if you can get the letter of freedom of lien, will help you and give security to the future buyer, and are documents which will be requested by the notary to register, as well as any financial institution to grant a credit to the interested party.
  • Determine the appropriate price at which you are going to sell your property, since this concept is the most important so that you can sell your house in theist mated time.
  • Place the “for sale direct” sign, and attend to your prospects who want to visit the house, specifically at weekends, that is when many of the property buyers have time to make visits to the home for sale of their interest and where there is higher Sal esrateof houses.
  • In the sale of the house of direct treatment, take some precautions on who visits your property, leave some data pending, and ask for a landline number to pass it later, to take a copy of your if credential, and tell those concerned openly that they are safety precautionary measures, if they are truly interested in your property, they will not raise any objection to these measures.
  • Study and know the types of credits in the market, although in a general way, since a large part of the sales that are made is through this form, so that you consider the times of the mortgage procedures.
  • Prepare a negotiation and closing plan, consider how much you could adjust in the price, the date of delivery of the property, the equipment you will leave in the house, payment for services, taxes derived from the operation, or the forms of payment and the sale price.
  • Prepare a purchase and sale format for the operation, advising you by a notary, where the clauses to be dealt with in the negotiation are understandable, as well as the previous receipt by the signal in the formality of the transaction.

As you can see, there are many aspects that need to be taken care of when selling your house direct deal , and if you are still interested in completing this sale, you can do it as a professional.

The formalization of the purchase through the documents necessary to realize the sale of your property, and all this at the cost of advising only 1% of the value of the sale.