Help with finding Section 8 housing

Housing and Development Urban US (HUD, for its acronym in English) provides vouchers for Section 8 housing for low-income residents. Residents receive these vouchers through the local HUD office; HUD pays a portion of the income of the resident, as he is in the Section 8 program is the responsibility of the tenant finds suitable housing once it reaches its housing voucher.

Narrowing the search

During the search for a Section 8 apartment, looking ads that specifically provide that the landlord accepts Section 8 tenant these owners have already agreed to participate in the Section 8 program, which means you cannot refuse for the sake of your financial situation and that the rent is at or below fair market price for their apartments. The owners of Section 8 are also used to dealing with representatives of HUD and may be more familiar with the requirements of inspection.


It may be easier to find Section 8 housing in your city or county, as moving can be costly. However, Section 8 housing is a national program, therefore, can be used in any city in the United States, even if not the city where signed up vouchers. Consider contact HUD offices in other cities ahead of time to ensure you meet all the requirements of Section 8 housing in your new hometown.

Staying at home

If you are currently renting a house when applying Section 8, you’ll be able to stay in it. A representative of HUD should inspect your home to ensure that it meets the requirements of the program, such as having adequate space for all family members and all appliances are in good working order. The owner must also agree to accept Section 8 vouchers if the house meets these conditions will not have to move out once you receive your coupons.

Rental period

Once you find a suitable home and passes the inspection, you must sign a lease for at least a period of one year. During the period of one year, you must pay the rent on time and comply with all other terms of the lease. Your landlord must accept the rent and must make repairs when necessary during the rental period.

Buying a home

From 2011, you can use Section 8 vouchers to buy a house instead of renting if you buy first, and win at least US $ 10,853 per year and has been employed continuously for the past 12 months. You must attend an orientation session for homebuyers to learn about your responsibilities before you buy your home. This program works similarly to the way rental program: HUD’s local representative should inspect the house before you move home and if approved, pay a percentage of your mortgage costs each month.

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