Tips for selling homes

  • Have the cheapest price in the area

If I want to sell fast my price should be at least 5% cheaper than the next cheaper price. That way I guarantee that all potential buyers will call me first. Also it is not good to put “deadlines” in the negotiation of the price, to avoid selling after one or two years at a price that had already been offered from the beginning.

  • Put the house in real estate portals

It is important to advertise in all places where we can do it for free and give all the details (pictures, plans, videos, etc.) that the portal allows us.

  • Contact with several real estate agencies

Mainly in the area, but it is also interesting to contact more general agencies. I manage the sale of my properties on my own, but I do not allow myself the luxury of rejecting foreign aid. Sometimes it’s me who gets the sale and I save to pay the commission. There is no money to pay with more happiness than that.

And another thing, far from my intention to stop paying a commission to the real estate company that has earned it legitimately with their effort and their know-how. I have never cared to lose sales by rejecting the typical smart shopper.

  • Small repairs and painting

It is not necessary to make a big investment. For example a new wooden floor or a kitchen of last generation will like the potential buyers, but they will not want to hear of that it supposes them to pay a higher price. The investment should be directed exclusively to repair small damages such as dampness, leaks, broken tiles or deteriorated parquet.

In addition, painting the house (naturally white that gives greater sense of spaciousness and cleanliness) is not expensive and gives very good impression.

  • Prepare the house to be taught

A house enters through the eyes. There is a thorough cleaning, deepening the bathrooms and kitchen, which are the most delicate spaces. When teaching it, you must have opened the windows so that it is well ventilated and in the daylight. If there is too little light or if the house is dark, all the lights must be on. Enclosed spaces, dark and poorly ventilated are not attractive at all.

If the house is being inhabited it is important that there are no noises at the time of teaching (televisions or radios), that there are no pets bothering between the legs of the visitor and that there is the maximum of free spaces, having removed the excess furniture that they convert The visits to the house in a true martyrdom. In general, too crowded houses overwhelm potential buyers and appear less spacious. Ideally, the inhabitants of the house should not be present to prevent visitors from feeling that they are invading intimacy.

  • Do not teach a house before it is ready

You never have a second chance to make a good first impression. In this regard I tend to be very sharp and I give long and unconcerned to the anxious customers who want to see the house simultaneously with my obtaining the keys. He would not be the first to come down an almost certain sale because the super interested client sees her recently obtained the keys, when it is still dirty and with the fresh footprints of the previous occupant. The house can be seen when you can see it and not before.

  • Prepare a sales folder

The folder must include all the important documents as a simple note of the Registry that proves that the house is ours and that it has no charges, the last receipt of IBI, a certificate that we are up to date with the Community of Owners, plans and everything that may be interesting.